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1by1 - The Directory Player

Tired of creating and updating playlists? 1by1 is a very small sized player which is not only small: It plays whole directories without a playlist. Navigating through your tracks has never been so easy.
- Full Resume Play (remembers last played track and position)
- Explorer like file navigation
- ACM (MP3) and mpglib (MP3/MP2) support
- Winamp input plugin support
- Audio dynamics and stereo enhancer
- Directory searcher (plays whole drives)
- Cue sheet support
- Favorites
Download Version 1.44 (50 KB)

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DIR2HTML creates an HTML index from a file system directory. This is useful for building file lists, cataloging contents of CD-ROMS, etc. The program can index either a single directory or multiple directories at once recursively.
Download Version 1.1.0 (57 KB)

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Qm - The Quick Mailer

Qm is an extremely small, fast program for sending E-mail. Its size and flexibility make it ideal for those times you want to quickly send messages or files without starting a large E-mail suite.
Download Version 2.1 (18 KB)

TheGun - Grown Up Notepad

TheGun is written in 32 bit Microsoft Assembler (MASM) and is a genuine Portable Executable format file (6656 bytes!). It does not need any Visual C++ or Visual Basic runtime DLLs and does not use or write to the Registry at all. It is fully drag & drop enabled, supports wordwrap and uses the full operating system based search capacity with case 'sensitive', 'insensitive' and 'whole word' search. There is no limit set within TheGun any longer for the maximum file size, it will be limited by the amount of available memory and the final loading speed. It has been speed optimised in both file load and file save.
Download Version 3.0e (16 KB)

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b2hedit - Ascii Hex editor & converter

This is a miniature hex editor with a difference, it has both ascii and binary file open and save. It opens a binary file as a HEX dump which can be edited and commented, saved as an ascii file or rewritten as a binary file. Ideal for editing file headers. This one comes in at just under 20 kB.
Download Version 1.0 (16 KB)

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100K_Zipper is a .zip only archiver. You can create, open, extract and check out .zip files. It doesn't require any installation and it has to be one of the smallest zippers available today.
Download Version 1.22 (76 KB)


Runs hidden in the background until it detects any kind of change in a directory it has been told to monitor. When a change occurs (e.g. create, delete, modify a file) it visually alerts the user. Can be used, for example, to detect incoming information over a network or to detect tampering of files. Uses very little memory and practically no CPU time.
Download Version 1.0 (15 KB)

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FineSplit splits a file into floppy sized parts and creates a merging batch file to reassemble the pieces into a copy of the original file. Unlike other file splitters, it will also permit the user to define the exact size of each separate piece as an option. Options: edit this INI file to change the default part size, define individual part sizes, or other settings.
Download Version 1.05 (4 KB)

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RUNit - launchpad

RUNit is a simple but yet powerful launchpad for Win95/98/NT and above. RUNit gives you quick access to applications, documents, folders and shortcuts. Unlike many other launchpads RUNit doesn't occupy any space on your screen - you only see it when you actually use it.
Download Version 2.0.1 (39 KB)

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